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The Art Of  Nicole

Nicole (more well known to others as ‘Niki’ or ‘Nicnak') is a 29 year old illustrator and designer, specializing in character and prop design. She is a Canadian artist (Hamilton, Ontario), with experience working in the TV animation industry (working on a handful of shows for Disney Channel, Discovery Kids, Teletoon, Treehouse, YTV, Cartoon Network and YouTube). 


Nicole began creating at a very young age, having a strong interest in animals, her most common subject in her work. She grew up in a small town that had very minimal resources relating to the arts, but that didn't stop her from making art her main focus. Once it was time to pick a college or university to attend, it was then Nicole decided she wanted to study animation. After studying the art and learning the skills involved in animation, Nicole graduated from Sheridan College in April 2016 with a BA.


Nicole dedicates herself to freelance work, sharing her illustrations on social media sites, and creating one of a kind merchandise for sale online and at conventions and markets she attends. She attends numerous events every year, all over North America. Over the pandemic she got into motorycling and created an apparel line called MOTO YOTE, which is geared towards automotive and toony animal enthusiasts.


Outside of drawing, Nicole loves spending time with her partner and two rescue cats. She enjoys cruising around on her motorcycle looking for new coffee shops and breweries to try out, and charity rides to participate in. She currently volunteers as a Team Lead for The Moto Social (Hamilton) throughout May-September.

Nicole's current goal is to travel across Canada and abroad in hopes of attending more conventions, meeting new people and sharing her work around the world.

Guest Of Honor

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