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Version 2 - Updated 2023/05/30

Vaccination and Testing

Proof of vaccination or proof of a negative test is not required to attend NCAS events. However, we strongly recommend all members stay up to date on their vaccinations and boosters. We also recommend performing an at-home test before leaving for the event and after returning. If you test positive before the event, please see the section on prorated refunds. If you test positive afterwards, please contact the people you were with to let them know!


Wearing a mask is not required to attend an NCAS event. However, we strongly recommend wearing a mask, especially in high-contact areas. Properly worn masks that cover the nose and mouth are a proven way to reduce the risk of communicable diseases and prevent you from going home with con crud!


If you happen to test positive for COVID during an NCAS event, we must ask that you not attend the remainder of that event. You may email for a prorated refund on your registration. Please include proof of your positive test with the email.

We also recommend staying home if you are showing symptoms of non-COVID sickness. Preventing the spread of further illness should be the priority.

Questions or Suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions about our COVID policy or how we can work together to keep all of our members safe, please reach out to us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you not requiring vaccinations or tests?

With the expiry of the public health emergency (PHE) and federal supply of free COVID vaccines, the cost of being fully vaccinated for uninsured or underinsured members of the community is expected to increase to $130/dose. The cost of an uninsured PCR test can be about the same. At the same time, the projected risk of illness due to COVID has fallen across North Carolina.

COVID Policy

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