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"A quick Google search of “furry” normally results in multi colored animal costumes. But who are the people beneath these anthropomorphic fabrications? The furry fandom is now worldwide phenomenon and can be found in all generations. Teenagers, adults, and retirees seek ways to express themselves through animal mascots, characters, and storytelling. Almost every furry has artwork of their “fursona” which playfully represents their personality traits through a carefully chosen animal. Furry artwork is a genre of it’s own, with passionate illustrators bringing these imagined characters and worlds to life. Then there are the iconic fursuits, most often showcased in the media. These costumes are handcrafted by specialized designers through hours of labor. Furry conventions are a merging point, where fans from around the world gather to celebrate every craft at once. These family friendly events feature talent shows, vendor rooms, panels, and dance competitions.

The world of furry is one of ultimate self expression, an environment that encourages play, endless imagination, and mutual creativity."

Whats A Furry?

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