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Blue Ridge Furfare Code of Conduct


  1. Blue Ridge Furfare is foremost a convention where families, artists, and fellow hotel guests enjoy positive and wholesome experiences. All behavior and conduct should contribute to a positive image of the furry community. Any behavior that interferes with the fandoms public perception or otherwise erodes Blue Ridge Furfare’s reputation with hotel venues will be corrected immediately. Play responsibly.


General Rules

  1. Do not block pathways, high-traffic areas, doors, and elevators. Be mindful that where you congregate does not disturb traffic.

  2. Do not display, draw conspicuously, or share any explicit artwork.

  3. Sleeping in public spaces is forbidden.

  4. No attaching materials to the walls.

  5. Drone operation, indoor or outdoor, is not permitted without written permission from BRFF.

  6. Any action, behavior or dress that causes interference with convention operations, discomfort to other attendees or affects the convention’s relationship with its guests, its venues, or the public image is strictly forbidden and may result in revocation of your con badge and expulsion from the property.

  7. Any behavior or item that is illegal under Federal, State, or Local guidelines will not be permitted at BRFF.

  8. Keep in mind the safety of others. Do not tackle people from behind, to the side, or in front of. Remember: A fursuiter that might appear to be looking at you, probably doesn’t see you.

  9. Flyers must be placed inside BRFF convention space. We will throw away any postings outside con space. Any postings deemed to be offensive, inappropriate, or pornographic will be removed.


Convention Rating

  1. All public areas in the hotel are considered under PG-13 at all times.

  2. Please keep in mind that not everyone at the hotel is here for the convention and minors may be present. Your behavior reflects the fandom. Act accordingly.

  3. All convention programming will have a PG-13 or under rating. This means there is to be no display of realistic or extreme violence, nudity, drug use, or excessive profanity.

  4. Anybody found violating the PG-13 rating will be issued a warning and have their con badge marked. If the behavior persists, the badge will be confiscated and the person asked to leave the convention space. Blatant disregard for the policies may result in immediate expulsion from the convention.

  5. Public Displays of Affection beyond what is appropriate for a family reunion are frowned upon. If you feel you need to get a room, please book one.



  1. Footwear is required in all convention spaces. Attendees not in costume are required to wear shirts and pants or their equivalents.

  2. Clothing and costumes must not be overly revealing, inappropriate, or suggestive. If there is doubt on certain clothing / costuming, BRFF Staff has the final say.

  3. Wearing or displaying garments, costumes, or signage that are deemed by BRFF Staff to communicate hostile messaging or sentiments, intended to provoke or spread hate, are not permitted.

  4. Fursuiters must respect hotel and other venues policies regarding areas where costumes / masks are not allowed, which may include but are not limited to, restaurants and hotel swimming pools.


        • Dogsled Style Harnesses

        • Cuffs (Cannot be used to bind a person)

        • Locks (On collars and jewelry apparel only)

        • Pup Masks

        • Poodling(A fursuiter with skin showing), as long as you're following all other dress code requirements

        • Spandex/Latex Costumes with proper undergarments and coverage



        • BDSM / Kink / Fetish Gear

        • Leashes

        • ‘In use’ restraints (the wearer is bound/restrained by such)

        • Chains (This includes Choke Chains)

        • Nipples showing (of any gender). Fursuit tummy nipples are ok.

        • Genitals exposed or that can be seen through an outfit

        • Anything that can restrict breathing (e.g. gags)

        • Straightjackets

        • Fistmitts

  • BRFF reserves the right, at any time and for any reason, to request an attendee change their attire. Items may also be removed in the event of a medical emergency. Attendees are encouraged to have a change of clothes (which are appropriate for all hours) available to them within the hotel and / or convention space.

  • BRFF is not responsible for any personal injury that may occur as a result of personal attire / costume choice. Please note that bringing alternative attire into spaces such as the hotel lobby, or other public spaces may result in the hotel taking action, and asking the attendee to change into appropriate attire, leave the premises, or ban the attendee from the premises.

  • If you have any questions during the convention about the apparel guidelines, consult with Convention Operations.


Room Parties

  1. Gatherings or parties held in hotel rooms must adhere to normal noise standards. Do not disturb your neighbors who might be sleeping during nighttime hours.

  2. Loud gatherings or parties will be given a single warning to remain quiet. No second warnings will be given before action is taken by the hotel to remove the individuals.

  3. When the partying is done, clean up after yourselves. Trash bags are provided.


Badges & ID

  1. Con badges prove purchased admission to BRFF and must be visible in the con space. Any attendee not wearing a badge will be ask to the leave the con space to purchase or retrieve a badge.

  2. Con badges are non-transferable and cannot be loaned or resold. A badge can only be used for the person who registered for it.

  3. A valid Photo I.D. will be required in order to receive your con badge (Driver’s License, Photo ID card, or Passport.)



  1. Fighting, horseplay, reckless behavior, and excessively loud noise will not be tolerated. If you are requested to cease a behavior, please do so. Hotel security is empowered to eject people from the convention, and will do so in the event of repeated violations of hotel policies.

  2. By registering, attendees acknowledge that BRFF is not responsible or liable for any personal injuries sustained during the convention.

  3. Harassment of any sort will not be tolerated at BRFF. Harassment includes, but is not limited to: punching, striking, kicking, shoving, threatening, stalking, or any close-proximity behavior that occurs that is unwanted by one or more parties.

  4. Security will not be responsible for solving interpersonal problems. They can act only when a threat is presented to one or more members of the convention that affects the general welfare of the convention as a whole.

  5. Anyone who assaults a staff member or volunteer will be expelled from the convention, restricted from attending future conventions, and depending on the severity, reported to the appropriate authorities.

  6. Providing a secure but welcoming environment is important to everyone affiliated with BRFF during the convention. Complaints or concerns over rude and inappropriate BRFF Staff behavior can be openly brought to the attention of Con Operations.



  1. Attendees under the age of 18 registering for Blue Ridge Furfare must present a signed and notarized parental permission form. A parent may sign the form in person, in which case a notary is not required.

  2. Attendees under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a Parent, Legal Guardian, or Chaperone at all times.

  3. Parents, Legal Guardians, and Chaperones must purchase badges to enter convention spaces.

  4. False documentation relating to identity or age is subject to a lifetime convention ban.



  1. Hotel policies hold equal importance as BRFF policies. Respect must be shown to hotel staff and guests not attending the convention. Any behavior or costuming deemed inappropriate by the convention hotel will be promptly corrected.

  2. Hotel policy allows pets and service animals. Both are allowed in general hallways and public hotel spaces. However, only service animals are permitted in BRFF event rooms. Any reports of animals distressed by the convention atmosphere will be investigated by BRFF Security.


Video / Photo / Media

  1. No cameras or recording devices are permitted in the Fursuit Lounge.

  2. Photography and Video Recordings are encouraged at BRFF. Be courteous and ask permission when photographing or filming individuals, even those in costume.

  3. Photography, film, or video recording in convention spaces for the purposes of sale, publication, mass media, or public dissemination is expressly prohibited without written authorization from BRFF.

  • All journalists, media photographers, and press members must be accompanied by a designated member of BRFF staff at all times while in convention spaces.

  • By attending BRFF, you authorize the possibility of appearing in promotional photography and videos. The convention owns all media captured by BRFF Staff for promotional use.

  • If you wished to be removed from promotional material for BRFF, please contact our Director of Guest Relations.

  • Blue Ridge Furfare retains all rights to the Blue Ridge Furfare name and logo.


Sales and Goods

  1. Merchandise Sales are prohibited outside the Dealers Den and Artists Alley.

  2. All sales must comply with North Carolina tax regulations.



  1. Costuming does not equal Consent.

  2. Blue Ridge Furfare will take every measure necessary to provide a harassment free convention. Attendees and Staff are subject to the same rules.

  3. If you are a target of harassment of any kind, please report the incident to the nearest member of Security or Con Operations. The incident will be promptly investigated with professional attention.

Smoking / Alcohol / Drugs

  1. Smoking, Vaping, and any additional forms of electronic cigarettes are prohibited in DoubleTree guest rooms, courtyards, and convention spaces. Smoking is permitted in the front and back parking lots. Guests violating this policy will be subject to expensive hotel fees and badge marking.

  2. Hotel balconies are not smoking or vaping areas.

  3. Covering or otherwise tampering with hotel smoke detectors will result in an immediately revoked convention badge.

  4. Alcoholic beverages are only permitted in convention space if sold or served from a provider licensed for on-site consumption.

  5. Public intoxication is not permitted. Intoxicated attendees will be removed from the convention space and ask to return to their hotel rooms.

  6. Attendees are strictly responsible for ensuring that room guests are of legal drinking age (21 years of age). Always card your guests. Unknowingly serving alcohol to a minor is not a legal excuse. Any attendee found violating this law will be turned over to the authorities.

  7. Selling or distributing illegal substances will result in BRFF Staff contacting the authorities, a revoked convention badge, and a possible lifetime ban from BRFF.


Weapons & Replicas

  1. No functioning, realistic, or intimidating weapons may be carried or displayed in convention spaces. Exceptions are made for costume pieces.

  2. Projectile devices such as nerf guns, water guns, silly string, or any similar toys are forbidden.

  3. Props that could be mistaken for real weapons are subject to inspection by BRFF Security.



  1. While every effort is made to keep attendees safe, by purchasing admission to Blue Ridge Furfare, you agree that you are personally responsible for any injuries or accidents incurred during your stay at the convention.

  2. Blue Ridge Furfare is not responsible as an organization for the misbehavior or recklessness of attendees. All attendees are personally banned, charged, or reported to the authorities for misconduct.

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